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East Cape Explorers • San Jose del Cabo • Mexico

Scuba Diving • Snorkeling • Whale Watching

We are situated in the beautiful town of San Jose del Cabo in Los Cabos, Mexico. The regions around San Jose del Cabo and the East Cape are relatively unknown for scuba diving, snorkeling and whale watching until now! We were the first scuba diving, snorkeling and whale watching operation to open in the beautiful marina in San Jose, for the last decade we have been exploring the unchartered reefs and seamounts up and down the East Cape, looking for the best scuba diving San Jose del Cabo and its surrounding area has to offer.

We are a team of outdoor adventurers who have discovered all sorts of beautiful places to take you. Moreover, we have some of the most qualified and experienced SCUBA instructors in the region. Our team of experienced dive professionals strive to give you the safest, most exciting and beautiful experience possible.

Join us for undiscovered scuba diving on sites that are often known only to us, exciting snorkeling and breathtaking shark diving. Going whale watching San Jose del Cabo is one of the best kept secrets in Los Cabos. Imagine whale watching when you are the only boat out there. Our professional and conscientious staff will use their considerable knowledge and experience to ensure you have an adventure to remember!


Scuba Diving:

Enjoy the best scuba diving San Jose del Cabo has to offer with East Cape Explorers. Our daily scuba diving excursions cover the region from Santa Maria Bay all the way to Punta Arena. There are more than 12 dive sites in this region, with many more yet to be explored. If this is your first time scuba diving in San Jose del Cabo the remote East Cape region is your best choice. Read More

Shark Diving:

Want to do some next level diving out in the Big Blue? Then Gordo Banks is the site for you. This is a truly unique place where schools of hammerhead sharks, silky sharks, manta rays, marlin and even whales can be seen. Schools of jacks, mackerels, tunas and snapper, large groupers, devil rays, eagle rays, cow-nose rays and mobula rays are also common visitors at this offshore reef. Read More



Our snorkel tour is designed to give you the chance to enjoy the oceanic beauty of Los Cabos and swim alongside some of the region’s most amazing marine flora and fauna. The best sites are 20 – 45 minutes away by boat at the “Chileno” and “Santa Maria Bay”, as well as towards the East Cape at “Zacatitos” where you can snorkel at healthy coral reefs with lots of marine life. Read More

Whale Watching:

The most beautiful way to spend a morning or afternoon out on the blue waters surrounding Los Cabos is most certainly with the company of the migrating Humpback Whales. The annual migration brings thousands of whales to the Sea of Cortez, to mate and give birth. We regularly see mothers teaching their calfs the necessary skills to make it in life. Read More


Cabo Pulmo:

Cabo Pulmo was established as a World Heritage Site in 1995. As a result, marine life has been allowed to flourish. There is access to more than 10 beautiful scuba diving and snorkeling sites in Cabo Pulmo marine reserve. Here you can witness gigantic schools of pelagic fish, herds of golden cownose rays, and of course the resident Bull sharks. Read More

Mobula Migration:

Every year, thousands of Mobula rays make their way through the Sea of Cortez as part of their annual migration. Watch them dance and breach in acts of courtship and play – a true spectacle that is a must do here in Baja California Sur. This is a wonderful trip out for the solo traveller or families a like – a snorkel tour that you will surely never forget. Read More


PADI Dive Courses:

PADI has dive centers in over 180 countries world wide, making it the most sought after certification! Wether you are just beginning the journey into the underwater world with the Open Water Course or you are wanting to hone your skills in certain areas such as deep diving or NITROX, we have the course for you. East Cape Explorers is the only certified PADI Dive Center in San Jose del Cabo, with a fantastic team of friendly and experienced instructors. Read More

Become a Dive Professional:

Are you looking for a lifetime of endless summers and blowing bubbles? Do you want to turn your passion into a career? Look no further than becoming a PADI professional and take the opportunity to teach, guide and mentor the next generation of ocean advocates through their own journey into the underwater world. Read More


Complementary Services:

Underwater Photography & Video Service:
All our guides carry Underwater Cameras and will take photos and videos of you and the wildlife for free.

Scuba Refreshers:
For those who haven’t been diving in a while or are fairly new to scuba diving we offer a free “scuba refresher” program 20 minute prior to the dives.

Dive Equipment Storage:
Our team will handle the process of cleaning, drying and storing your equipment for you during the duration of your experience with us.

Professional Guides:
Our guides are a mix of professional PADI Scuba Instructors and Divemasters as well as Marine Biologists and Free Divers with many years of experience in their field.



Eco Friendly

East Cape Explorers works hard to protect the environment that we love. Therefore we do not provide plastic bottles of water, instead you will find containers of purified drinking water with reusable cups on our boats. Thus, we recommend you to bring your own reusable water bottle to refill as you like.

Our oceans are polluted with large amounts of plastic, and here at East Cape Explorers we do all we can to not contribute to that problem. We are proud sponsors of the Project AWARE “Adopt-a-dive-site” and actively participate in beach and reef clean ups.

We believe that together we can commit to protect and preserve marine life and the future of our oceans.