Gordo Banks


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Gordo Banks is located 5 miles off-shore from San Jose del Cabo. The top of this seamount is at approximately 120 feet with the width of about 2 football fields. Schools of jacks, mackerels, tunas and snapper, large groupers, sometimes devil rays, eagle rays, cow-nose rays and mobula ray are common visitors at this offshore reef. With a bit of luck you may also see scalloped hammerhead sharks and silky sharks.

Please note that Gordo Banks is a hit or miss dive. Obviously the draw card here is the schooling hammerhead and silky sharks, but please understand that the sightings are not guaranteed. The “Gordo Banks” are only 40 minutes away by boat from our dive shop and we schedule scuba diving tours to Gordo Banks twice a week all year round.  No other provider in Los Cabos has more experienced about diving at Gordo Banks than us.

Price: $150 US per person (minimum 2 participants required)

– 2 dives, tanks, weights, drinks and snacks.
– Nitrox (upon request)
– Free photography service

Add Ons:
– Dive equipment rental ($30 USD)
– Private Dive Guide ($100 USD)

Tour Dates:
Wednesdays and Saturdays from 7:15 – 13:30

Safety Precautions:

Our dive guides are equipped with a Personal Locator Beacon, 2 large 10 ft. marker buoys, 2 reels, light sticks, mirror and buddy lines. Furthermore we hand each diver a 10 ft. long surface marker buoy. Our maximum divers per guide ration is 5:1.

We require all divers (with less than 100 logged dives) to do a local 2 tank dive prior to diving at Gordo Banks.