Sites & Conditions

dive sites in san jose del cabo


The Los Cabos region is located at the southern point of the Baja Peninsula, this makes the local area subject to currents and varying visibility. But this also enhances the marine life, many pelagic and tropical species are found here in the southern Baja California.

Water temperatures also vary greatly from a cool chilly May and  June where water can dip to the high 50’s (15 c) to a warm and tropical mid 80’s (30 c) from September to November.

We choose sites that can range from calm and easy for our beginners to the most advance dive on offer for the region “Gordo Banks”. Dive sites are always subject to the conditions…. unfortunately we can’t control mother nature…. yet!


The Dive & Snorkel Sites

Cerro Colorado
Distance:   20 minutes by boat
Depth:   30 – 45ft
Level:   Beginner and Advanced divers

Dive site description:
A shallow place with a sandy and rocky bottom where schools of jacks can show up from nowhere, some medium size Groupers swimming next to you. We can also observe the small crustaceans like crabs, shrimp, lobsters, as well as it is a place you can get back in diving.

El Bajo de 90
Distance: 20 minutes by boat
Depht: 70 – 90 ft
Level: Experienced Divers

Dive site description:
On this wonderful dive site you can experiment some depth with a sandy bottom and huge rock formations, with some big beds of rock and pinnacles going from 90ft. to 60 ft. The highlights here are Sea Fans, Gorgonians, Groupers, and some schools of Goat Fish.

Punta Bella
Distance: 25 minutes by boat
Depth: 45 – 65 ft
Level: All Level

Dive site description:
This dive site is part of a large reef called “Punta Bella”, recently discovered site with nice rock formations, swim through channels. Marine life in this place is amazing, Turtles, Jacks, Cleaning Stations, there is something to observe everywhere you look. The coral growth on this reef is the best we have seen in the southern Baja California

Los Abanicos
Distance:   20 minutes by boat
Depth:   40 – 60 ft
Level:   All divers

Dive site description:
As in the meaning of the the name (Abanicos) in translation actualy means (Sea Fans), thats the highlight in this area other than the big and different rock settlements, lots of small schools of fish like, Pork Fish, and Trigger Fish, as well the Puffer Fish are very common, nice and smooth dive to enjoy. This site is also part of the “Punta Belle” reef with a amazing amount of coral.

La Escollera
Distance:                  5 minutes by boat
Depth:                      Avg. 30 ft.
Level:                       Beginner Divers

Dive site description:
This is a good place to take it easy. Suitable for beginner divers, or people who have not ben diving in years, perfect to practice general skills. We can find different species of Sea Urchins, and a large variety of fish. On a good day there is more fish here than any other dive sites.

El Salinar “Shipwreck”
Distance: 10 minutes by boat
Depth: 10 – 45 feet
Level:   Suitable for Divers and Snorkelers

Dive Site Description:
No one really know why this ship sank and where it came from but rumors are it got damaged during a storm about 30 years ago. All passengers made it back to the shore. The shipwreck is sitting upside down on a sandy bottom about 300 yards offshore. It is broken apart in 3 pieces. The coral growth is very nice and a lot of sea creatures made it their home.

Gordo Banks:
Distance: 20 minutes by boat
Depth: 100 – 140 feet
Level:   Experienced Divers Only

Dive Site Description:
This is a seamount located 5 miles off shore from San Jose del Cabo. The very top of the seamount is at 100 feet and is covered in black coral. Large schools of snappers are seen on every dive. Depending on the season and current, you can also see hammerhead sharks, giant manta rays, cow-nose rays, jacks, tunas, sea-lions and whale sharks.

Distance: 20 minutes by boat
Depth: 10 – 50 feet
Level:   Beginner and Advanced Divers and Snorkelers

Dive Site Description: 
This shallow dive site starts in only 5 feet and ends in a sandy bottom at 50 feet. The coral growth is very good. This spot is also known to be home to sea turtles, octopus, moray eels and nurse sharks. Large schools of pork fish and snappers are sometimes seen on the sandy bottom next to the reef.

Blow Hole
Distance:   35 min.
Depth:   25 – 80ft.
Level:   Beginner and Advanced Divers

Dive site description:
This site offers the chance to see bigger animals because the feeding level in this area is a very high level, as well the cleaning stations bring species like Milk Fish, and Yellow Tail Jacks. Formed by 3 pinnacles and a rocky bottom makes Blow Hole an interesting dive site.

Santa Maria
Distance: 35 min.
Depth:  15 – 50 ft.
Level: Beginner and Advanced divers

Dive site description:
Located in the bay of Santa Maria, this dive site has some of the best stony coral formations in the area. Huge rocks making swim through channels and a nice white sandy bottom. Makes this place perfect to see all kind of fish and crustaceans. High chance to see some Manta Rays so keep your eyes open.

Distance: 40 minutes by boat
Depth: 10 – 55 feet
Level: All Level Divers and Snorkelers

Dive Site Description:
A very small bay sites is located between Chileno and Santa Maria Bay. This is most probably the easiest and most beautiful dive site in the Corridor. There many swim throughs and crevices with lot’s of tropical fish everywhere. Here and then we see white-tip reef sharks in little caves on the reef.

Chileno Reef
Distance: 40 minutes by boat
Depth: 10 – 65 feet
Level:   All Level Divers and Snorkelers

Dive Site Description: 
Chileno is a large bay with a beautiful beach and one long straight reef. It is one of the best sites to find large diamond stingrays, schools of porkfish among other. Here and then we  see mobula rays in large dense schools. Part of the reef is covered with sea fans and sponges and garden eels are often see on the sandy bottom.

Castillo de Arena
Distance:   70 minutes by boat
Depth:   20 – 60 feet
Level:   All level divers

Dive site description:
Similar white sandy bottom as Cabo Pulmo. This reef has not being explored much, many fish make the ambient on this site feel like being in a aquarium. Mantas may be flying above your head, good size Groupers, and different coral are the highlights in this dive site.

There are many other dive sites yet to be discovered. Since we are the first and only dive shop in this regions we conduct exploration dives on a regular base at a discounted rate.