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Discover the beauty of the Sea of Cortez
Scuba Diving

East Cape Explorer is the only dive shop in San Jose del Cabo. We chose this location because of it’s untouched reefs and marine life. Our daily scuba diving excursions cover the region from Santa Maria Bay all the way to Punta Arena. There more than 12 dive sites in this regions with many more yet to be explored. If this is your first time scuba diving in San Jose del Cabo or if you have been diving before in Los Cabos and like to discover some new dive sites, the remote East Cabo region is your best choice. We run scuba diving tours 6 days a week. Space is limited.

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The coral reefs in Los Cabos offer excellent snorkeling conditions for the whole family. Some of the best snorkeling sites are at the “Corridor” and towards the East Cape at “Zacatotos” which can only be reached by boat. Those reefs are teaming with tropical fish and larger marine creatures like rays, turtles and more. If you have not snorkeled before, give it a go and you will be richly rewarded. Many of the sites are shallow enough that once kitted out and shown where to go, in no time at all you will find your self mesmerized by the beauty below you. Our comfortable 33 foot boat will deliver you to the reef in style!

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Whale Watching

Enjoy our fun, exciting and educational whale-watching tour with East Cape Explorers.The Sea of Cortez hosts numerous whale species each season, from gray whales and sperm whales to the elusive blue whales – plus dolphins and even orcas. Get your camera ready! Our 2 hour whale watching tour lets you observe several types of whales in the remote East Cape region where no other operators interfere with your experience !

The tour is conducted on our 33 foot “Super-Panga”  with twin outboard 4 Stroke engines to ensures a stable and smooth ride without any obnoxious exhaust fumes.

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